Our Story

You hear a lot about the plastic crisis and how it impacts all of us but, living in Toronto, I’d never had the opportunity to really see and experience first hand how bad it really is

In February 2018, I travelled to Bali on a surf and yoga trip with some friends. I was absolutely horrified by the state of many of the beaches that were just completely overtaken by garbage and trash. At one point, there were plastic bags and wrappers and cutlery completing overflooding the surf. It was so gross and heartbreaking. A supposed paradise that was practically destroyed.

The ocean provides 70% of the oxygen we all breathe and each year, we dump 17 billion pounds of plastic into it. It also provides 3 billion people’s daily source of protein each year. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

One of the biggest culprits of this waste problem is abandoned fishing nets, estimated to represent about 46% of the plastic in the ocean today. These are also known as “ghost nets”. Not only do these ghost nets contribute to the waste problem in a major way, over 140k seals, whales and other species get entangled and cannot survive in these floating death traps.

I discovered an organization that recovers these ghost nets and regenerates them into fabric that can be repurposed in a variety of consumer products.

I took the fabric and designed it into an activewear line that is super high performing, able to be duel purposed for the studio or worn in the water, ultra light weight and easy to travel with. And also gorgeous.

There is so much product out there in the marketplace that we are all buying on a regular basis, most of which, directly or indirectly, is contributing to this problem. There’s no reason why we can’t take regenerated materials and use them for products we are going to buy anyway. Especially when you can have an item that is just as high performing, just as on trend and affordable as you could get anywhere else.

There are so many incredible organizations that are doing such great work to clean up our seas, it’s part of our mission to give back a portion of our profits to these organizations to assist in their efforts of making the planet better for all of us.

I’m not a marine biologist or an environmental scientist. My life long mission has not been rooted in being more plastic consumption aware. I’m a mom, a yoga and active enthusiast, an aspiring yoga teacher and someone who believes we can all do a better job of the consumer choices that we’re making and how they impact all of us.

And this is where I’m starting.